Lets Try This Again

I am aware that I probably have too many typos and I apologize. I shall try and edit in a more diligent fashion going forward. Thanks for your patience.

scorpia62's Blog

It looks like I somehow lost the first two blog posts I wrote yesterday which is not a huge loss because neither said anything very profound.

Initially, I wanted to have a blog about cooking and my thoughts on all things connected to this, including weight, being a vegan, parenting teens and being the wife of a man I highly suspect has Asperger’s. You may ask how cooking and Aspergers go together but if I succeed in getting this blog going, you will see how it does.

To be honest, I cannot totally recall what I wrote on the first lost post but the second one was about a friend that drove me nuts for 7 years, decided I was not good enough to be in her life whereby she tore me apart in front of my daughter and then was this ghost that I feared for the next two…

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